STEM in 10 Episode 3

claremarieegan | Apr/ 2/ 2019 | 0

Title: Networks, Pathogens, and Targeted Ads Released: April 1, 2019 Episode Notes: Today's episode covers technology, science, and math news from the past few weeks - from HUD's charges against Facebook to new research in network theory. Sources: HUD Charges Against Facebook:

STEM in 10 Episode 1: Sources

claremarieegan | Mar/ 26/ 2019 | 1

Title: "Detecting Violent Videos on Social Media" Date Released: 03/19/19 Episode Description: After the horrific mosque shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, videos of the attack continued to spread on social media leaving people wondering why social media companies still struggle

Buzzword: Math Literacy

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In my first article, The State of Math, I briefly mentioned the term “math literacy” and in this post, I want to talk about it in depth. I’ve come across many different definitions of math literacy, but in general, it’s